Garden Work

Gardens are the big project this summer — for Nicole anyway. Mine is the deck, but that’s a different story. Nic’s goal is to have a decent-sized vegetable garden going up the hill in our backyard, and she and her dad have complex plans for how to achieve this.
Last weekend we decided we’d ease into it by cleaning up the gardens along-side the house. They desperately needed it.
We’re not completely done, because Home Depot ran out of the brick edges we were using, but I’ll finish that up while Nic starts the bigger garden project…
This weekend is a busy one for us, with more to accomplish than we’re sure we know how to do. Hope you all enjoy yours. The weather around these parts is supposed to be amazing!
PS: New pictures coming in the sidebar…

4 thoughts on “Garden Work

  1. White brick edging, you are truly living the dream. I will be immensely jealous of your gardening prowess while I’m lounging at a 5-star resort in Cancun for the next week :p

  2. Ola from paradise! This may be the most beautiful place I have ever been. I’m definitely coming here again, so who wants to come with me?

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