Shutdown a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini (NAS) from a command line

The URL to shutdown the mini NAS, surprisingly, accepts both POST and GET. This is great for me, since I like to shut down my whole home theater at night. The URL looks like:
And you can use WGET or CURL on pretty much any platform to call it from a command line.

5 thoughts on “Shutdown a LaCie Ethernet Disk mini (NAS) from a command line

  1. Is it possible to wake/start up the Lacie mini hd through software, without physically pressing the big blue button?

  2. Good question, because sometimes my Lacie mini hd just goes offline. Not very often but when it does I have to disconnect the power cable, and wait few seconds.
    Itunes seems to wake it up though.

  3. Alas, I haven’t found a way.
    To make things worse, if you cut the power (say on a timer) after a clean-shut down, when you restore power (say on a timer) it remains in the shut-down state. The best way I’ve found is to unmount everything (via script), reboot Twonky (to close any connections, also via script), give it a few seconds (via script) and cut power while its still running. When power is restored in this case, it will boot back up normally. I haven’t hit any data corruption with this approach, but there’s always the possibility…
    Jimmy, you might try just doing a remote reboot command when that happens (assuming its still “up” enough for you to connect over HTTP.) I think the command is just:

  4. I can play them on a different device while they’re sitting on the Lacie Mini Ethernet — obviously the NAS itself doesn’t play them, but its throughput is sufficient. However, I don’t have many devices capable of MKV. My AppleTV can’t handle it, and my XBox 360 won’t even try. I need a full computer to decode and play MKV, so I’ve resorted to re-packaging them as “AppleTV MP4” (that is, MP4s that contain a AC3 digital audio track in violation of the official spec.)

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