Everything old is new again

Some time ago, we reported excitedly that Ben had begun grabbing things. Those without babies probably can’t properly understand how exciting this little step is. For the first few months of life, their hands and arms are just unruly appendages. In fact, the other day, Nic reminded me that Ben used to keep his arms straight out at his side all the time when he was a baby. For no reason at all, he looked like a chubby little airplane. Abi has her own arm preferences: she doesn’t like to sleep if they can move. While Ben quickly grew tired of swaddling, Abi won’t sleep at all unless there’s no way possible for her arms to move. If she does manage to get them out of the swaddling blanket before she falls asleep, she screams loudly until you come and re-wrap them.
But despite their differences, its amazing how much is the same… and therefore not quite as exciting as the first time around. Still when Nic shot this picture of the “grabbing” milestone for Abi a few weeks back, she wanted you all to see the similarity with Benjamin’s experiences, and how cool that was. So, if you haven’t already, point your mouse cursor at the picture above for a couple seconds, and see for yourself.
When you’re done that, you can check out this video of Abi’s latest trick: rolling over! She doesn’t quite make it in this video. There’s another one where she does and then kicks her legs adorably with excitement, but Benjamin wailed all the way through that one because he wasn’t allowed to touch the camera, so I won’t be posting it…
8 days until we move into our house! We get to go see it tonite to get some more measurements and learn how to operate the hot tub! Almost there…

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