Stabbing Westward

Well we survived our first road trip with two babies! It was a long haul — about 9 hours. But the kids were pretty good, the roads were pretty clear, and the weather was beautiful (if a little hot.)

We’re settling in at Nic’s parent’s place. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before, but Nic grew up in a little country paradise. Paradise and little being the operative words. There’s an acre of green grass for Ben to explore, a beautiful pool to swim in over the summer, and nothing but the chirp of crickets to hear at night.
In short, its absolutely gorgeous out here. The down side is the size. We’re setting up in the room Nic grew up in, and when she was little, it was perfect. Now that she’s over 4-feet tall, however, its a little cramped…

…and we have a lot of stuff to pack in there for the month! Can you believe all of this fit in our two cars — 90% of it in the SUV!

At any rate, Ben just puked, Aunt Pammy is here to visit, and I’m not far from passing out. A couple more pics in the Flickr feed. Nic has been given a tutorial on how to update Flickr, so hopefully that will stay fresh during the month.

5 thoughts on “Stabbing Westward

  1. glad you all made it home in one piece!!! remember to duck your head walking in, around, and out of that room!!!!
    hope to see you guys soon!!!!

  2. are you sure you guys dont want to stay here in upstate new york? LOL.
    glad you got there safe! I will be checking the site like every day!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks everyone.
    Dad, we know this well!
    Brooke, we’re sure, but Nic misses you already! You’ll have to arrange a Skype-date soon — before you take off for Mexico, maybe!

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