In Green Bay, WI

Green Bay folks are quite proud of this place. I gather other people like it too. Apparently the Packers are quite popular — although I looked them up on Google, and they’ve only won one Super Bowl since like 1912 or something, so they can’t be that great. Nonetheless, I went there with the gang from work and ate lunch. No football was being played, but it was impressive anyway.
I’ve also played Wii with SuperJason and ObiShawn, gotten mad at the Albany people, ate numerous meals paid for by someone else, gone swimming pretty much every day, followed by a soak in the hot tub, and purposefully gotten lost in the rental car, just to see if the GPS could get me back to the hotel…
Some parts of the trip haven’t been as productive as I would have liked, other parts have been more useful than I expected. One more day, and then another day of traveling. I miss my family!

6 thoughts on “In Green Bay, WI

  1. I hope you’re having a blast in Green Bay! The Packers possibly have the most history of any NFL team. The SuperBowl trophy is even named after a legendary Packers coach (Vince Lombardi). If you get a chance take a trip up the peninsula into Door County. This time of year it is absolutely breathtaking!

  2. The Packers aren’t all that great? That’s like saying Da’ Yoopers aren’t like The Greatest Band of All Time, eh?
    Uff da! The things you read on dis here internetin’ machine just makes ya wonder, eh?
    Oh, and, just so’s ya know. He’s carrying chocolate.

  3. Hey, even I know Brett Favre is THE leading QB in the NFL and has powered Green Bay to a 6-1 start on what will almost certainly be another Super Bowl appearance this year.

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