surgery.jpgThis is me at the surgery center on Tuesday. Once again in the hospital gown (they tell you “it ties up in the back,” what they really mean is “it hangs open in the back” — which I suppose it better than the front) once again on an IV. I’ve had more morphine in the past 6 months than anyone should ever have to take.
Surgery was strangely fun. I was under MAC anesthesia, which basically put me into a pleasant, but hazy sleep. I remember flashes of things: being rolled into the operating room with giant lights above me, waking up briefly with a sharp pain in my left arm when the local wore off, climbing into a chair afterward. Most of the rest of the time is hazy or not there at all. Actually a significant amount of my week has been hazy. They’ve had me on these hard core pain killers, so that I’m pretty stoned most of the time. I have a couple hours of lucidity between doses where I get things done, but mostly I’ve been playing Red Alert 2, and watching Stargate episodes.
Today I decided to just use Tylenol so I could go into work. My head is still pretty foggy, and I’m having a hard time concentrating, but my arm doesn’t hurt too much, and the doctors say it’s healing nicely.
Other cool things that have been happening, while I’ve been stoned:
– Jason and Brooke had their baby girl, Alivia, 8 pounds, 8 ounces. They had a few scary moments in the delivery room, but she’s healthy and gorgeous, with straight black hair.
– Nic and some gals from the church took Ben on a road trip to NYC, to investigate a location for a potential summer missions trip. She was talking a mile a minute when she got home, so that usually means she had a good time.
– Dave, Joey, Karl and Alicia all have birthdays this month. Shout outs to all y’all.

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