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If you visited last night, you probably noticed that the site was down. I was rebuilding the server in preperation to add some new software. I actually figured it was best to re-install Windows, and here I’m going to go off on a rabbit trail from the original intent of my post…
Kerio Mail Server is the possibly the best software ever written. Before I formatted, I backed-up my mail store directory. As soon as Windows was back up and updated, I re-created my domains and users and copied back in the mail store directory. Everything to do with mail was instantly restored. All my webmail settings, all my mailboxes, all my public folders, all my calendar and contact data — everything. I cannot even imaging what it would take to do this with Microsoft Exchange… just the thought give me nightmares. But with Kerio, it’s as simple as drag and drop. Absolutely brilliant.
Anyway, back on track. You’ll notice that looks a little different. That’s because I’m running a new blogging engine — one I didn’t create. While I’m sorry to see eXpression go, and I’m mourning some of it’s features, I’m very happy to have a system maintained and updated by someone other than myself. The goal here is to simplify our home I.T. infrastructure as much as possible, to make time for my second job and the new arrival we’re expecting soon.
I’m working on restoring the old side, probably as a subdomain of this one, so you can hop over to it to re-visit old memories, but from now on, all new posts will be here in WordPress. I have some work to do to customize this new site, so right now it’s a little lacking in features, but hang in there, we’ll be back up to full strength soon. As always, thanks for visiting!

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  1. Ok. I’ll be watching. And whatever bells and whistles you get, I want ’em too. Including an email cache and a place to store pictures. Doable? I hope so. The old folks are counting on you.

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