Dev Projects

Fixing things, bringing old platforms back to useful life, and learning about how technology works.

See also: Hardware Restoration projects

Raspberry Pi

The tiny-but-capable Raspberry Pi has almost infinite uses. These are just a few of our Pi projects:

  Scoreboard Project

When we realized the electronic scoreboard for the youth group’s air hockey table was beyond repair, we decided to make our own using a Raspberry Pi and our new 3D Printer.

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  •   DreamPi networking for Sega Dreamcast

      NetPi home network appliance

      Ben’s instrumented IOT refrigerator

    Apple II/Early Macintosh

    Nerdy nostalgia at its best, the early Apple computers are a source of endless fascination — and repair projects!

      Networking with modern computers (vintage computer friendly article)

    HP/Palm webOS

      Stopwatch App

    I taught myself the Mojo framework to build my first app for the now-dead Palm/HP webOS platform.
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  •   Nightmoves App

    To bring some modern features to webOS, I built an app that controls environment settings at scheduled times.
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  •   ScummVM for webOS

    The last version of ScummVM for webOS was almost a decade old, so I figured out how to compile a newer build and released it as homebrew.
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  •   myWatch

    Attempts to update and clean-up a Pebble smart watch app for webOS devices.
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  •   SDK Restoration Effort

    Working from Internet Archive material, I’ve cleaned-up and modernized some of the webOS PDK/SDK documentation.
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  •   VisualStudio Code Extensions

    A collection of scripts to make webOS development and testing better integrated into Visual Studio Code.
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  • NeXTStep/OpenStep

    The grandfather of macOS, iOS and everything in between, NeXT remains one of my favorite retro platforms.

      OpenStep Virtual Appliance

      NextStep/OpenStep networking with a Raspberry Pi

      Resolving missing dependencies on NextStep/OpenStep