Home again, Off again

Well we’re home safe and sound from vacation. In short, this one was much better than the last.
The beach was beautiful, and we averaged 2-3 visits per day. Our kids oscillated between loving it and hating it.
The cottage was, as I mentioned earlier, nothing special, but once we got a look around at the types and prices of other accommodations, we decided we weren’t that bad off after all. Apparently beach-side property is expensive!
Our babysitters didn’t quite make it the whole week, and went home Thursday night. We briefly considered going home Friday, me not being sure how our kids would behave, but decided we wanted our moneys worth, so we stayed the last day. We drove up to Tobermory — where my family used to cottage when I was a child — and enjoyed a leisurely walk, and outdoor lunch, around a cute little town surrounded by water.
My back, surprisingly, made it the whole week without any significant pain until today. On a possibly related note, I had to trim my fingernails this afternoon. I’ve been a chronic nail-biter my whole life. I don’t believe I’ve ever trimmed my nails the proper way. I’m wondering, now, if my back problems and nail-biting are both related to working, and if maybe I can arrange to retire at 30 :-p
We’ve been home briefly — time enough to unpack, get the kids down for a nap, get the Toyota looked into (see addendum to previous post below), and I’m BBQing some supper, then we’re off to the airport to meet the Jamaica team. Two of our good friends were leading, and we can’t wait to hear about how God changed lives on this trip!
Pictures to follow when I get more than 10 minutes online…

One thought on “Home again, Off again

  1. You can retire at 30 and I can show you how. LOL
    Ok, well, it is simple. You just may have to lower your livings standards to a cardboard box and eat out of a dumpster.

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