Bringing History Back to Life

This section of the website is dedicated to journalling the computers I bring back to life (or my failures in doing so, where appropriate!) I got into this in early 2019 when I determined it was time to revive my original Mac Plus that has traveled the continent with me for two decades, slowly losing its will to live. I learned a lot doing that — and managed to avoid electrocuting myself — then decided it might make a fun and profitable hobby. As you’ll see from the entries, profit is rarely to be found, but restoring these little bundles of computer history has other rewards. Plus, having a hobby keeps me (and Nicole!) sane.

You can scroll through the post history in the section, and see them all, or use this index to jump to your favorite machine…

Apple IIGS

Apple IIc

Macintosh M0001

Macintosh SE

Macintosh Plus – Platinum
Work in Progress:
Macintosh Color Classic
Apple IIC plus
Atari Mega ST2

Got an old computer you want restored? Or some data on ancient floppy disks you’d like to see again? I love a challenge — contact me!

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