My leg is mangled. Three breaks, including a major tib/fib break with the rod in it. Muscle trauma where the car hit me, and nerve damage with swelling and loss of feeling. The pain is a constant companion. I am, however, getting a little stronger every day, and although I’m never really comfortable, there have been… nice moments. Sitting out on the back deck in the sun yesterday, cuddling with my kids, nice visits from friends. Thankfully my mom is around and has been a huge help. I’m not sure how we would have survived Eli and my first week at home without her.
I’ve been on a number of calls with lawyers and insurance folk, about getting assistance with things like vehicle repairs, yard work, and financial plans, and we’re looking at getting some furniture that would be more comfortable for me to live on. I plan to be working, via e-mail and phone, next week.
Eli is thriving, thanks to her amazing mommy. On Thursday’s visit with the midwife, she was almost back up to her birth weight. She’s eating well, sleeping quite well (3 and 5 hour stints last night) and usually a pretty pleasant baby. She and Nicole sleep on a bed in the basement, I sleep on one in the living room, and Grandma and the kids sleep in the bedrooms upstairs. Our life is a little crazy, but we’re surviving…

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