Thanksgiving Weekend

So Friday was my last day of my old job, and Tuesday is the first day of my new job. That means that for 3 blissful days, I am unemployed — “between jobs”, if you will. We’re trying to make the most of it.
Yesterday we enjoyed our annual family fall walk and photoshoot in the park, evidence in the Flickr feed to the right. Then we dropped the kids off with Nana and Papa, and set to work on the house. See I’ve been itching to move for the last couple months, as we’ve now rolled past our 1-year mark in this place. Instead of that, however, we decided it would just be cheaper to re-arrange the place…
When Abi and Ben get home from Nana and Papa’s house on Monday, they’ll find that they’re sharing a bedroom. We decided to make Abi’s room into a playroom, so that we can somewhat re-claim our living room for more adult company, as well as have another option for dealing with our toddler’s somewhat loud and exuberant play time — which happens to run parallel to their dad’s work day, and which previously took place directly above his desk area.
We’re not sure how well this co-habitation will work out, but they shared a room in our hotel in New York last weekend, and didn’t seem to bother each other, so hopefully this will go OK.
I also shoveled out the last remnants of my previous work environment, so I can start fresh with a clean desk on Tuesday.
Today we were honored and delighted to have a small part in a baptism service, reading a blessing for a young lady who’s family has become very special to us. The McLeod’s are becoming mentors to Nicole and I, their 4 daughters seem to think we have some good advice to offer every once-in-awhile, and their youngest two are Ben and Abi’s favorite babysitters. It was a real joy and a privilege to be a part of Tatum’s step of obedience today. We’re looking forward to adding another generation to this list next summer, as Tatum explores missions in Asia where my parents are!
Two turkey dinners are to follow, and we can’t even begin to list all the things we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving…
Ben and Abi Fall 2009

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Weekend

  1. If the kids’ room is big enough, you can try putting a bookshelf (or something like that) perpendicular between their two beds. Gives more of a feeling for them (particularly Ben as he’ll likely feel more territorial) and less likely to cause problems. It doesn’t have to be very tall (just so they can’t see over it when standing on their beds) and can be something as simple as suspending a bulletin board from the ceiling, as long as it reaches to the floor. Actually, you might want to try that right from the start even before those territorial feelings start. Good luck tomorrow!

  2. I love these pictures -they are such awesome kids! Can you email us 7806, 7856, and 7869 in full size so that we can print them, please.

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