And you may ask yourself: well… how did I get this beautiful house?

Garden Phase 2
Nic, her parent’s and her sister worked hard on Phase 2 of the backyard garden yesterday. I begged out due to continuing back problems, and instead was the chef/waiter/babysitter for the day. They got the second two boxes done, so the bulk of the heavy work is finished. The stairs need to be done, and there’s some decorative bits that need to be completed yet this summer. Nonetheless, we have enough space for Nic to begin planting vegetables in earnest.
The month of May really seems to be dragging — especially when there’s so much to look forward to once its done! My parent’s are home from Asia, Nic’s sister is getting married, and some good friends are having their first baby…
Chad and Jen were our first “couple” friends. Being the youngest of our social circle to have a serious, marriage-likely relationship, it was a real blessing in our college years to befriend Chad and Jen who were mature and level-headed, but constantly fun to be around. We shared in common many of the challenges of a young relationship, back in the day, and we’re incredibly excited for them to become parents, so we can share this with them too.
Jen has decided to blog the arrival of their newest family member, whom they have promised will not be named the same as one of our children. If you know Chad and Jen and want to follow along, I don’t think they’d mind if you checked out their site here.
Aside from that, there isn’t much blog-worthy to report. We’re practicing our patience, and learning to rest in God and what He’s blessed us with, until June hits and life gets a little more exciting…

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