Most of this past week I’ve been on vacation from work, which means my computer has been shut off. I do have a laptop or two that I checked on occassion, but I’ve been otherwise pretty unwired all week. It was nice, but I’m a little behind on e-mails, comments, blogs, facebooks, diggs, flickrs, and other ‘net activities… I’ll probably stay that way until next week, but here’s a couple highlights:
– BBQed and ate supper (that’s dinner, if you’re from New York) on the deck last night. The sun shining, a cool breeze blowing, a little Sufjan playing. It was wonderful.
– NetFlix caught on to the massive, gaping hole in their geolocation system. I’m disappointed, but it was good while it lasted. Oh Canada, why can’t you catch up with this whole Internet thing going on?
– Saw a movie in 3D — Monsters vs. Aliens. You had to wear silly glasses, but it was still pretty neat. I’d like to see the new Terminator done in 3D.
– We had a free babysitter all week, but that’s good because I threw out my back last weekend. I’m pretty much healed up, but pursuing new avenues of resolution for this very persistent and frustrating issue. I’m hoping to get at least another 45 years or so out of this body — its too early to be hobbling around like an old man all the time!
– Continuing my new hobby of collecting obscure, obsolete media, I got a MiniDisc player. It needs a little work, but we had fun listening to some of our old mix discs from the late 90s…
– Ben is pretty much ready to use the potty — we (Nic) just needs to help him make it happen. He gets embarrassed if he wets his diaper while in bed, and takes it off and tries to get a new one on. We appreciate the gesture, but would prefer it if he waited for us to help with that!
– Abi has 4 teeth now. The bottom two are very obvious, the tops ones are only visible when she grins really wide. They’re big, but super cute. She also runs like the wind…
She’s known how to walk for weeks now, but refused to do it. Then last Thursday, she decided she was ready. The first day was a little shaky — she walked like a zombie with her arms in front of her. The next day was better. By day three she had variable speeds, could turn 360 degrees without falling, bend over and pick things up, then carry them around while she walks. She can open the sliding door to the back deck, and run out on her own. Its amazing!
Pictures are uploading, so check out the sidebar until we get around to posting something more interesting…

3 thoughts on “Vacation

  1. Abi reminds me of her Uncle Dave who would never try anything new until he was sure he knew exactly what he was up to. He spent hours watching his big brother fall off a bike before he would even get on one and then he got on the bike and took off.

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