Adorable and Useful

If this video doesn’t turn you into mush, you’d better visit your doctor and make sure your heart is still beating…
Nic was making lunch, Ben was watching TV and Abi was fussing in her high chair (I was at work in the basement, and came up just as it was happening.) Suddenly Abi was quiet, so Nic turned around to make sure she was OK, and found that Ben had pushed a chair over, climbed up on it, moved Abi’s food and was spooning it into her mouth — much to her delight! It was incredible!
Now, if we could only train him to change her diapers…

7 thoughts on “Adorable and Useful

  1. This is absolutely adorable! I love watching Ben’s mouth imitate Abi’s as he’s feeding her. Too cute!

  2. That is so cute!!!! If Olivia was crying, Ben would just start screaming too!!! How’d you get him to do that?!? You’ll have to let me know the secret!!

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