List of things that don't work properly in Canada…

– My iPhone: No EDGE (unless I have a couple thousand dollars a month I want to give to Rogers to use their stupid data network) means all of my phone’s advanced features are disabled unless I’m near an open WiFi hotspot.
– My XBox 360: Movie rentals cost nearly twice as much here, and if I want them, I’ll have to discard my existing Gamertag and XBLM points.
– The Internet: All (legal) digital distribution systems, upon detecting that you’re in Canada, refuse to deliver content to you. Why? Because if the Canadian government can’t charge tax on it, then we’re not allowed to have it.
I never thought I’d say this, but at the moment, I miss the States and am totally fed-up with this backward country right now. Its looking more and more like I’m going to have to give Rogers some of my money, just to get even close to the kind of technology we had in the States… and that’s not acceptable. A more monopolistic, anti-competitive, consumer-abusive company has never before existed.
It’s 2008, Canada. Turn off the hockey game, and get with the program. We look like a bunch of cavemen up here. Unbridled capitalism may come with its own set of problems, but at least our American friends don’t have to bang rocks together to make fire…

5 thoughts on “List of things that don't work properly in Canada…

  1. Please send this to a major news network. I am tired of hearing about gas prices and inflation. At least I can still download terabytes of data anytime I want virtually anywhere for a relatively affordable price.

  2. Hey now leave the monopolistic, anti-competitive, customer abusive company I work for alone… they pay my bills!
    Besides it could be worse… at least Rogers is open 24 hours a day when you need to complain 😉

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