This Chair Be High, Says I

This week, and all of a sudden, Benjamin hit another major development milestone. I’m not sure if it can be attributed to all the attention Grandma and Grandpa Watters showered on him during their visit this weekend, or maybe to him getting dedicated in front of the church (along with 12 other babies) on Sunday… most likely the credit goes to his new high chair, which Nicole was very excited to go pick up on Monday. Whatever it was that did it, Benjamin is now eating food!
We’ve been very unsuccessful in getting him to take a bottle. He would go for it when he was tiny and not yet aware enough of what was going on to be picky, but as soon as his grasp of reality got good enough, he became very adamant about his preferred milk-delivery mechanism. We were worried that we’d have to force the bottle on him before we could get him to eat food, and in fact we hadn’t had a lot of luck with the watered-down rice cereal we’d started on. That is, not until he could sit at the table with us in his very own chair.
Suddenly, not only was he interested in the food, and happily slurping water from a bottle (still won’t take a bottle of milk), he was grabbing at the bowl, opening his mouth when the spoon came close, and hollering for more when his meal was all gone. It was like someone flipped a light switch, and food suddenly seemed pretty good to him.
This is exciting for a lot of reasons. One, now I can feed him (as shown in the picture — pictures of Nicole feeding him are not available online for obvious reasons). And two, now we can have a babysitter for more than 3 hours blocks! Anyone wanna sign up?
PS: New pictures in the Flickr stream…

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