I'm ready for my bionic arm now

My skin graft got infected. Apparently I use my arm too much (you know, for LIVING!) and one of the stitches (probably) worked its way under the new skin and has created an angry red infection about the circumference of a baseball (fastball, not slowball) on my arm.
So that’s awesome.
I’m not allowed to work for a couple days, which is gonna be just fantastic for my release schedule. And I have to take Keflex again — which I love because of how it makes me poop all the time.
So ya, any time they want to invent that Luke Skywalker arm, they can sign me up to beta test it.
And PS to Shannon: NO, they aren’t actually going to cut my arm off! The worst that could happen is that I’d lose the skin graft, and they’d want to do it again (to which I would say, screw you, I’ll just wear a giant band aid for 4 months, cause I’m not goin through that again!)

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