Huggies Suck

Here’s a tip for all you soon-to-be parents: Huggies leak.
In the past 2 days or so of trying out Huggies, we’ve had at least 4 leaks, 3 out of the front that soak through the clothes, one particularly nasty one out the back that happened when daddy was holding him.
In fact, in the past 24 hours, daddy’s had his share of bodily fluids on him. Being a geek household, we’ve come to call puke a client-side interface, while pee and poop is a server-side (below the diaper) process. While Ben was napping in my arms last night, he rolled over and filled my arm pit with a client-side interface, then 2 out of the 4 afore-mentioned leaks happened while I had him.
Needless to say, we won’t be purchasing Huggies again…

2 thoughts on “Huggies Suck

  1. we tried huggies and pampers and nothing is better than the no name diapers. they work the best, last the longest and hold the most in with no leaks! and their a lot cheaper!

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