6 Days Old

We really don’t want to become that couple who doesn’t remember how to talk about anything but our baby… It’s just that he’s soo cute and awesome, that’s it’s hard to refrain. Benjamin sleeps like a rock, rarely wakes us up more than once a night crying (although we have to wake him up to eat at this point), and let’s us go out in the evening without putting up a fuss. He loves his daddy, and when he’s upset, Nic just hands him to me and he calms down. He’s still adjusting to diaper changes — he really doesn’t like being cold — but otherwise he’s a dream baby.
He had his first doctor’s appointment today. It went very well, and he’s regained his birth weight, which means he’s eating and digesting properly. He still has a little bit of jaundice, so we have to try to find him some sunlight, but otherwise he’s the picture of health. And speaking of pictures…
Benjamin likes to sleep with his hands above his head.
He also likes taking naps with daddy.
Tummy time, he’s not so sure about, but he definitely is getting strong!

3 thoughts on “6 Days Old

  1. He’s less than a week old.. you guys can go nuts talking about him and I don’t think anyone will mind. 🙂
    He looks perfect. Congrats and I hope to see you when you come back to Canada.

  2. Hey, just read the news from the comment you left on our blog and had to come and check out the new arrival. He is very cute indeed!!! Congratulations.
    Mum to Be

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