Why not kick off 2021 with a coup attempt?

The predictable and inevitable outcome of 4 years of having a vile, sinful man, occupied only with his own self-interest, as the President of a country that has elevated its own self-love to idolatry, reached a violent and shameful zenith at the seditious urging of a sore loser, continuing to tailor his 4th grade speaking-level message to the most ignorant of Americans. These self-titled patriots stained the walls of their capitol with literal human waste, and desecrated their own country in a violent orgasm of obeisance to their sin, their leader’s sin, and the cheers of a so-called Conservative media, claiming Christian values — right up until they came face-to-face with the death that is the Biblically described consequence of that sin. At which point, they tried desperately to blame someone else.

Trump did not make America great. He made it the worst I’ve ever seen it. The values he championed, right until their violent ends, are not Christian — shame on any believer who has twisted the Truth in order to defend that man. We must do better in 2021.

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