So far this summer, we’ve gotten in some wonderful visits. Nicole and the kids spent 2 and a half weeks in Ontario in July, visiting lots of family and friends we miss very much — and getting tanned by the pool at Nana and Papa’s house! I joined them for the last 4 days, and managed to squeeze in a whole bunch more, including getting to two weddings. We were so happy for my cousin, Adam, who found himself a really nice gal. It was great to be “home” and to catch up with so many special people.
There’ll be updated pictures on the sidebar, once Nicole gets around to downloading them off our very full camera, but I had to post this one…
A picture like this isn’t possible very often. My family runs off a distributed architecture, with nodes functioning in edge locations around the world. But when a new one comes online, it’s worth the trip to get together. My little sister, who swore she’d never marry, and never have kids, got around to doing both. It was a short visit, but we were so glad we got to meet him!
The best part of the trip? After 15 hours of driving home (less than a week after a plane trip across the continent) Ben hops out of the car, and says “that was a great day, Dad!” I guess it helps that they got to watch movies in the van the whole time!!

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