I am a permanent cultural observer…

So the excitement has worn off, and life has settled into a routine. After 6 months here, it feels pretty much like home — with only a few gaps still to be filled. The kids are doing well with the schooling choices we settled on, Nic has the house running like a well-oiled machine (most days), and the job… has its full days and quiet days like any other. A few more quiet ones lately, but that’ll even itself out, I’m sure.
The first half of 2013 has us hosting a series of visitors — which we are delighted to do. Nic’s parents were here in January, February brings an old friend from New York, March has our two favorite babysitters from Ontario coming to road trip with us to DisneyLand, and in April a buddy from college is coming to hang out for a bit.
This summer we plan to visit with my siblings somewhere in Western Canada, welcome my sister’s baby in July, visit Ontario to catch up with family and friends there, and see my parents — whenever they decide where they’re going to be (something makes me think they’ll be close to my sister for as much of the summer as they can manage!)
It feels like both feet are in place after this step, and while there are some clear ways we can prepare for whatever the next step is, mostly we’re just here trying to figure out how to steward what God has given us, and how we can give this experience back to God for His glory. We’re grateful for such a beautiful place to live — come visit us, we’d love to show you around!
Leg Hardware
Oh ya, and I got this taken out of my leg.

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