Here, There and Everywhere

Ben and Abi are back to school! Ben will be going to the private Christian school for 1 year, to level out with his peers here. We’re calling it Kindergarten-and-a-half. He gets his own desk, so he’s pretty happy! Abi will be spending a year at an enriched pre-school, and seems to be loving it.
Nicole has her hands full driving kids around, but gets the morning with just Abi and Eli, and the afternoon with Ben (and Eli when she’s not napping!) When things calm down a bit, I’m making her get a Y membership — which comes with 2 hours a day of free day-care, so she can get a little time to herself!
Things have been crazy with work, what with recent announcements. I was in California for most of last week, preparing for the big event, and getting the finishing touches on some great apps. It was cool being back stage and being a part of all the excitement. After that it was off to our lab to dig a little deeper on some other apps.
For the weekend, we managed to pull off both a lunch with some new friends, and some family time. We went to the Ballard Locks, didn’t see many fish jump, and had pizza and ice cream on the classy little downtown strip.
This week I’m in the office two days, then bright and early in the morning I fly to Dallas for part 2 (of 4) of our home church’s participation in the LeadershipNetwork think tank on Global Missions. From there I’ll red-eye to Toronto for lecture 1 (of 2) of my ecclesiology course. I’ll get Friday evening and Saturday morning to catch up with some friends back home, then start driving to the Cleveland area, where a friend has asked me to come consult on their church’s potential changes to their missions strategy. I’m not sure how much wisdom I’ll have on the subject, but I’m delighted to have been asked!!
I’ll be back home in the Seattle area next Monday night, hopefully with everything still under control at work! After that things should slow down into routine for awhile. We’re looking forward to having our first set of visitors coming in October!!

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