Hey I heard you were a wild one

Now that the last of the details is straightened away — the small matter of obtaining permission to work in the U.S. via a TN (Temporary NAFTA) Visa — I can talk about exactly what’s going on with work.
They say the key to telling a joke is timing. In my experience, the key to growing a career is timing too. It turns out God’s timing is the best!
For the past almost 3 years, I’ve been employed by the world’s largest software company as a Developer Evangelist. My job has been to encourage, then enable, strategic software company partners to develop their software on our platforms. This is by far the best job I’ve ever had. My team is awesome, the mandate is fun and important, and the resources available to pursue my committments in a way that is custom-shaped for my skillset have made this a dream job.
But that sense of timing started kicking in around January, suggesting that it was time to find a next step. Rumors of changes, likely for the good, but nerve-wracking given my physical proximity to my team, gave me the extra push toward openness to other options. And regardless of path, the timing was right for a relocation.
When a certain company known for selling books, book reading devices, and lesser known (but immensely powerful) Cloud services, asked for an interview, I felt it was prudent to explore it. And when they offered the opportunity to be on — and to help shape — a new team doing developer evangelism for a certain book reading device that I happen to be quite impressed with, Nicole and I felt it was prudent to accept.
As for duration — well, if you look at my resume, the timing of most of my roles is about 3 years. I do not know where this new role will go, or how God will lead from here, but as of now, our plan is to rock this job until its natural conclusion, continue to expand my network, and when the metronome swings the other way, return back to this part of Canada for the next step.
However, I need to be clear that we do not believe the steps in my career to be random chance, or strictly the result of good networking and shrewd timing. We believe that God is equipping us for something — some work in which we can more directly glorify Him with the talents He’s growing in us. In my mind, there’s no other explanation: I don’t believe in luck, and I do believe I have been blessed beyond what I deserve. We will continue to follow the path of equipping that God provides for us — and take each step He provides with as much faith as we can muster…
Its incredible to believe that in the past two weeks God has provided a buyer for our home in Canada, authorization to buy a house in the US, paperwork to allow us to work there, and put together the details of a move we couldn’t hope to have planned by ourselves. By this weekend we may even have our new home in Seattle secured!
A few details remain aside from the new house: Ben and Abi are U.S. citizens but currently do not have U.S. passports, which they’ll need to make the final move with us, the offer on our current home has some conditions that need to be firmed up by Friday, and of course there’s the actual physical move, and the trips back-and-forth between here and there. But God is faithful, and we’re confident the rest will fall into place according to His good timing…

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