The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become…

It was the fall of 2005 that we began to explore the possibility of a move to New York. It was the start of 2006 before that actually took place. The race to complete immigration, pack our apartment, book movers, and start a life for ourselves (and eventually our family) in a new place, in a new country, taught us a lot about what we could do together, what we could survive… and just how much we need God in our lives.
When it became clear in 2007 that that particular adventure was ending, it was April 2008, new baby in tow, before we all but limped home — not entirely clear on the why, or what for… but knowing by now the benefits of obedience. It was August of 2008 before we were in our little house, in the little village that most definitely feels like home now. And we probably wouldn’t have made it here without the blessing and help of friends and family.
So its not without some fear and trepidation that a couple weeks ago we began another journey — this time to the Seattle area. We had known this was a possibility since I took my current job, but we couldn’t have predicted it would come about now, or in this particular way. We could see, however, things lining up for a move of some kind, and we have remained determined to follow with obedience — even if we don’t understand the circumstances entirely.
Again we face immigration, moving companies, cross-border banking hurdles, and the daunting uncertainty of a new job. This time we do it with a house to unload, 3 kids who need consistent stability and provision, and a distance between here and there that is signficantly more challenging. But we still anticipate the opportunity with the same spirit of adventure that’s got us to where we are.
I love the job I’m in now. We love our little house, our church family, our friends here, and of course we love having family close by. We are comfortable and provided for here — and it would be easy to assume we could just coast the rest of the way. But that’s not the reality of my career path; nor is complacency an attribute we wish to demonstrate to our children. If we’re not growing, pushing ourselves, learning — needing to trust God daily, then we aren’t living life to its fullest.
There is more out there.
There always will be.
And although my thoughts on politics and social change are more confused than ever, I have this feeling that we can’t help others unless we have lived out an example of how God intended life to work: if we desire to point to a heart-changing God that has a plan for each of His kids, then we must allow God to change our hearts, and write the plan for our lives… and our kids.
And its my prayer that one day, I’ll have met, and learned from, and worked for, and along-side, enough leaders and influencers, pastors and industry moguls, that I will understand how to point people toward God and teach them that He is the way, and that we were intended to become more than what we were born into.
We were intended to be His.
I don’t know if God will ever release us to that kind of work, but I do know one thing for certain:
As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Wherever He asks us to go.

3 thoughts on “The important thing is this: to be ready at any moment to sacrifice what you are for what you could become…

  1. Such a good post, Jon!
    If you guys need anything at all, seriously, your out-west family is less than a full day’s car ride away. In fact, we would have to drive past the Epp’s cottage in BC to get there so its like its practically on the way! (Oooo, you guys could bring the kids to the cottage!! Okay, Im getting ahead of myself…)
    Good luck, Wises!!

  2. Awesome attitude, both of you; both willing to try, both willing to be supportive. Mom and I know that we failed you guys in any number of ways (can ANY of you play sports? How’s that old piano coming along? Why the heck didn’t I teach someone the guitar, etc. ad infinitum). But you both seem to have your attitude screwed on right, and that goes for Davy as well. Awful damn proud of the lot of you.

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