Family Florida Road Trip – Day 2

The trip from Virginia Beach to South Carolina went without incident. All 3 kids are still doing so well. It helped that this was only a 7ish hour drive, rather than the day before’s 16 hour journey! We watched a couple movies on NetFlix and on the “new” Zune 30 that I’d had shipped to Jason and Brooke’s house – 100 hours of video on a $50, 5+ year-old device!
We’re running a little low on “mum mums” – Eli’s quick-dissolving rice snack that rescues us any time she gets a little emotional about being stuck in a car seat. We’ll have to ration them for the last day of the trip!
This evening we had dinner with friends in Columbia, SC. They were about to move to England for missions work last year, when their baby girl became suddenly very ill while in Belgium for pre-field training. They rushed home to confirm the local hospital’s diagnosis of Leukemia. Then spent the following months trying treatments to save her life. During that time they established a pretty neat ministry in their hospital and online through telling their story. Simi had quite a ministry of her own, but despite everyone’s best efforts, she passed away. Obviously they’ve been wrestling through what comes next, and how they should proceed. It was encouraging to see that their faith and their commitment to missions has not wavered, despite everything they’ve been through. Their other two daughters are close to Ben and Abi’s age, and Elizabeth and I knew each other in Germany many years ago, so it was great to visit with them. We look forward to seeing them sent out to the field!
The final leg is 9 hours, 20 minutes – plus pit stops, which will probably put us up to nearly 12 hours. But at the end of it, we’ll be “home” in Florida for the rest of the month! The weather has been cold all the way down, due to the arctic chill that has our home in Canada buried in snow and freezing, but we anticipate that temperatures will climb as the weather system passes – and as we get further south. We certainly hope we get to put on those shorts we packed soon!!

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  1. God bless you both as you seek to be a blessing to others on your travels. So many MKs – despite the difficulties that growing up in a cross-cultural setting means for them as children and teenagers – grow up with a heart for missions.

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