Leg update… y'know, for posterity

So I saw the surgeon last week. He says, the good news is my bones are healed. 6 months is what he expected for breaks as bad as I had, and we’re at 7 and the bones are looking good. He had a resident with him this visit, and they discussed at length my near brush with compartment syndrome. The bad news is that my big toe is dead. If I keep tripping over it, they can fuse it into basically a solid bone… but we’ll think about that later in life.
In another 6 months, he’ll entertain discussion about removing the hardware and scoping my knee to remove whatever is causing the discomfort there. Some days its pretty bad, others I’m OK. Randomly my knee will just decide to collapse and nearly drop me to the ground. That’s happening less frequently though.
I work out at the local gym 2-3 times a week, and my leg is starting to look more normal. I can walk up to 4.5km an hour at a 4.5% incline without holding on. I don’t use a cane any more.
We ran out of coverage for physio, so I’ve had to reduce my visits and their length. Nicole is able to do ankle mobilizations at home, but we owe a lot to my amazing physio therapist at Manual Concepts Physiotherapy. Jen is highly recommended! My range of motion is improving — on a good day, walking at a good speed, you might not know I was hit by a car earlier this year!
In fact, even on a bad day, I’m just off enough that people give me funny looks. They’re not sure if they should act like I’m handicapped, or ignore the disability altogether. I’m not sure either. Some days I think I can do whatever I want. Other days I stare jealously at people jogging or jumping or walking down stairs normally…
Ah well, one day at a time. Things keep improving, and I’m hopeful that they’ll keep doing so!

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