Here we go again!

Not exactly a relaxing summer, but whatever it was, its over. School is here!
Ben met his teacher yesterday and starts full-time, all-day, every-day school tomorrow. Abi started pre-school today, she’ll be two half-days a week. And this afternoon I’ll go register for my next semester of Seminary. Nic, of course, will be doing plenty of at-home teaching!
Our strategy, for now, is to add an official “Bible School” time for the kids, following supper. This will be a part of the regular routine, and as they get older will flow into homework time. For now, Abi finishes eating (she’s the world’s slowest eater) while we read our Bible story and discuss it together. Suppers are hectic around our house — because most of my co-workers are in a time zone 3 hours behind ours, we’re just getting into “end-of-day e-mails and last minute phone calls” time as we sit down to eat, which makes it hard for me not to shove food in my face and get back to the computer — the price I pay for leisurely mornings with my family. But the discipline is good for all of us, and we want that reserved time with the kids to augment (and/or correct) their education and talk through their day and school work with them.
They say it takes 5 weeks to form a habit. Unfortunately for Nicole, I’ll be gone 3 out of the 5 weeks we spend developing this routine. I have Seattle, California, Seattle, Ireland this month! After this, though, things should quiet down… we hope!
The place we’re renting in Florida is just about locked down. We’re already planning our second summer! Pics of the kid’s big days coming soon on Flickr…

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