A Fine Romance

We’ve been to a lot of weddings since we were first hitched. Most, I suspect, were better executed than ours (I say “suspect” because we realised recently that we don’t remember ours very well) but my sister’s is easily the best I’ve been to.
Of course I could be biased — this was my little sister’s wedding after all. But I don’t think any nuptials have so perfectly balanced the traditional and the unique, the celebration of two people and the honouring of the dozens in attendance. Liz managed to mix a ceremony respectful to the institution of marriage with her irreverent and fun style — right up to the routine slideshow with the very un-routine ending! She was a beautiful bride deserving of attention, who prioritized being attentive to everyone they chose to have a part of their day.
Even the attendance was a delightful mix of totally un-alike personalities — but that does sorta come with the territory with our family. Greg’s family was as likeably unique, and the young man cleaned up awful nice, their sweet duet during the ceremony a song perfectly selected to demonstrate their down-to-earth affection and devotion for the other.

My family is not one to be tied down easily — Liz being possibly the least sedentary-of-heart of the three kids of habitual adventurers. So when we choose something to devote ourselves to, you know that that choice was not made lightly. Nomads though we may be, it was awful nice to have the whole clan home for a short while. Mom’s stay was the longest, practically rescuing Nic and I from what could have been an awfully rough summer starting in May. Dad, who like me, doesn’t handle boredom well, wasn’t home long, but made his presence apparent through the volume of handy-man work he accomplished around our house while he was here. And Dave, of course, made an appearance, helpful and involved, but making it clear that he never intends to have one of these wedding things himself!
It was nice too to meet Ros — my dad’s long-lost cousin from the UK who enchanted us with her British charm and fit right in to the family.

The kids, happy to have a role in the special day, obviously looked adorable and had a blast. They felt very included and happy to be getting all the attention they did. We were glad they were a part of it — and glad when Nicole’s parents arrived to take them home to bed!
Everyone’s gone now, scattered to the four corners of the globe — strange isn’t it, that it’s Nicole and I holding down the fort in Ontario? But school starts next week, and at least for now, some stability is nice… More wedding pictures in the sidebar and on Flickr.

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