10 Years

10 years ago we were a pair of dumb kids, not yet done college, with big dreams about the future (and very little idea about what it would take to get there!) but we were surrounded by friends and family who loved us, believed in us, and helped us get this far.
10 years ago, in a little church in a little town near where Nic grew up, we committed to be together through better and worse. We’ve seen some of each — but most of it has been pretty great. And we’ve had some pretty awesome adventures along the way.
We’re 10 years older than the kids in this picture, so we’re a little wiser… and maybe not quite as trim (or functional!) as we were then, but we still have big dreams about the future, and still are blessed by friends and family in our relationship regularly. And we’re very thankful to be celebrating our 10th anniversary — and looking forward to another few decades together!
Love you, hun!
PS Our joint Facebook post for the day: 10 years, 9 homes, 8 cars, 7 churches, 6 hospital stays, 5 jobs, 4 roommates, 3 kids, 2 continents, 1 love.

3 thoughts on “10 Years

  1. You are a wonderful couple and family! God has done and will do great things with your obedient hearts! Lots of love and big congratulations on the best 10 years so far!

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