Everyday I'm Shuffling

Every time I go in to physio, I try to have a new trick to show off. Monday I showed her that I could walk without “Das Boot” (the walking cast) so she took it away. Which was totally fine with me. Walking without it is scary, but I was hoping to be a little farther along by this point. Getting the OK to walk on Monday has given me almost a week to practice up, stretch out and get my strength up for my first business trip since the accident. Its still a slow, uncomfortable process, but I’m getting stronger every day.
Sunday I fly out to L.A., equipped only with a cane …and pre-booked airport assistance …and an expense account for cab fare. Its a big conference, stretched out across two large venues and a number of nearby hotels. There will lots of standing in lines, rushing to meetings in different hotels, receptions and parties that will be mostly standing room only, etc. Definitely it’ll be a challenge, but fortunately, most of the activities are optional, so any time I’ve had enough I can retreat to my hotel and crash.
Even so, I am pumped to go. I can’t wait to get back to my professional life and my career and my partners… not to mention back in the air. Man, I love travel!
Eli is settling in well to the family’s routine, and we even got away totally kid-free for a date night last night. I found some work space, and some stuff to keep me busy outside the house, so Nic’s able to get back to her life with only the three needy dependants again too! Another few weeks, and we’ll be back to normal again — at least as close to normal as we were before!

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