Guitars, Bones and Automobiles

Thursday I visit the surgeon to have this cast removed, and hopefully I won’t go home with another one. In its place I hope to have an air cast, which looks like a giant boot. Its weight bearing, removable and will be the first step toward walking again.
A friend who broke his ankle 4 weeks before my accident got his air cast two weeks ago, and has made great progress since. My injuries are more severe, but I hope for a similar recovery. In fact the only difference I’ve observed is that my pain hasn’t subsided the way his did. Either I’m a bigger wimp, or more likely, the muscle and nerve damage, combined with the swelling, are causing my continued discomfort. At the start of a day, once the swelling subsides after I put my foot down out of bed, I feel pretty good. By the end of the day, even with my foot up as much as I can manage, it gets pretty painful again. Hopefully being out of a cast will relieve some of that pressure.
I’ve started physiotherapy – ahead of schedule, maybe, but I have ambitious goals for the summer, including at least two business trips and two special weddings. I plan to dance with my wife at both. This summer will be our 10th anniversary.
The motorbike was written off. Apparently the impact of my tibia against the frame of the bike cracked both supporting structures – mine and the bikes’. At 27 years old, it was determined that my beautiful old bike was not worth repairing. We got $2800, although we paid $2500 for it last summer. From that we (hopefully temporarily) bought a guitar. It’s a long story, don’t ask. But it’s a gorgeous instrument. Maybe someone in August will play it for the kids.
The Saab is about to sell as well, the process slowed only by the weekend getting in the way. We’ll get $1100, although we paid $1500 for it in January. Its not great, but it’ll do.
We bought a couple things for our living room re-decoration project, and the rest will go toward my new vehicle. But more on that decision as it unfolds. Suffice it to say, we need to do something sooner rather than later.

2 thoughts on “Guitars, Bones and Automobiles

  1. We love you guys so much. God hasn’t moved. He’s right there with you through all the discomfort, decisions, dreams….and He’ll bless you. That we are sure of. Love you guys.

  2. It is so hard to read about your pain. It tears me up inside; I have a hard time dealing with it. Like any parent I wish I could have protected you from it. Praying the Lord will give you a full recovery. Take it easy on the physio. If you injury yourself by pushing too hard it will set you back several weeks. Don’t push it as far as you can. Take a lesson from Tai Chi. Never extend to the furthest point. Never hold a position; always be in flow, always changing direction. Be gentle with yourself and patient. Please.
    Would love to play the guitar when I get home in August. What kind did you get?

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