The Affordable Care Act is not anti-Christian

To Pat Robertson‘s wackos, who think its unconstitutional and against our religion to have health care insurance:
Obama is right, and you don’t know your Bible. “Do not test the Lord your God” (Luke 4:12, Deuteronomy 6:16) means don’t take stupid risks on the assumption that God will rescue your from your own stupidity.
Stop confusing politics and religion. “Republican” is not the same as “Christian” and you’re just making the rest of us look insane. Just because you don’t agree with legislation, that doesn’t automatically make it blasphemy.

One thought on “The Affordable Care Act is not anti-Christian

  1. There’s an old joke about a guy in a flood waiting to be rescued by God that would fit very nicely here. Some of these people need to live where there was no health care for a while so they appreciate what they have down there. America’s infant mortality rate (6.3 deaths per thousand live births) is the worst in the Western world. Of course from a Republican perspective these deaths are among the poor and disenfranchised, so what does it matter, right?
    The other side of this, and one that even Obama is afraid to touch, is the hold the pharmacetical companies have on the pursestrings of the health care system. It is the elephant in the room on this whole debate and you hardly ever hear a peep.

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