So I Tied an Onion to my Belt – 2010 Edition

Another year has passed, and as is my tradition, here comes my year-in-review of posts that marked some of our deepest thoughts, and biggest adventures.

Its easy to look back on 2010 and feel underwhelmed — certainly we aren’t the same crazy, broke, adventurous kids we were when this blog first began. But to say this year was boring wouldn’t be fair. In some ways it was a year of review – of re-visiting things we’d conquered before, but this time approaching them with a little more maturity and patience. Hopefully, too this was another year of preparation and learning for whatever comes next.

The figuring out of what comes next was, at the start of 2010, and still is, a major area of contemplation for us. Discerning God’s immediate plans, and choosing activities that hopefully lend themselves to the longer term ones  remains a process we don’t completely understand how to best be obedient in. Meanwhile, though, my insatiable appetite for places novel and interesting was kept at bay through some neat destinations that my work allowed me to visit. And of course, the motorbike helped — a purchase that probably gave Nicole both anxiety and relief (since no one likes living with a caged animal.)

Fortunately, we both had plenty of opportunity to stretch our travel legs when we took our second trip as a couple to Asia, where mental, emotional and spiritual stimulation is found at every stop. This time we got to enjoy the company of a travel companion possibly even more adventurous than we are – an experience that undoubtedly shaped, or affirmed the shape of, our views on child rearing.

When we got home, it was to a good-bye, as my grandpa passed away – thankfully in the presence of family. Our own mortality marched forward into another decade, and shortly afterward we learned that we were going to be parents, yet again. As milestones slid by into the rear-view mirror, both for ourselves, and for our little ones, it was nice to get some visits in with those who’ve known us since before we were grown-ups.

With the news that our family was growing, and financial stability no longer being a distant dream, we decided to find out if God’s plan might include a move to a slightly bigger place. At the moment it appears it does not, and if that’s the case, we’re content to make the best we can of the home He’s blessed us with right now. Wonderful visits to other places that are or were or might be home, reminds us that we are strangers and foreigners on this earth – longing first for that better country.

2011 looks at least to bring another baby into our lives. We haven’t completely given up on the new house idea either, although if nothing happens by March, that thought will go on the shelf for awhile. As of now, there are no international trips planned. School, work, family and part time ministry seem to be the extent of what God has entrusted us with for this year, and we’ll do our best to be grateful and earnest stewards of these things – and continue to hold out hope that some day they add up to something for His kingdom. Of course, should anything a little more adventurous come along, we’re up for that too!

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