From My E-mail Time Capsule

Greetings from your past. In the fall of 2005, you agreed to receive this message, which has been preserved in the E-Mail Time Capsule.

Here is the text of your message:

Hi Jon,

This is you… in the past! Today is November 9, 2005. Right now we’re working at a pretty much dead-end job in London, Ontario with a company called [redacted]. We don’t hate [redacted], the CEO is a good Christian guy, they pay us well, and until today, didn’t complain at all when we took ridiculous amounts of time off… its just not going anywhere. Tomorrow, though, we’re flying to Albany, New York, for a job interview with [also redacted]. [Redacted] hooked us up, and we’re really hoping we get it.

Our wife isn’t pregnant yet, but we are trying. Actually, we’ve been trying for a year and a half now, and we’re starting to hate this wait.

We bought a motorbike, got a tattoo and went to Asia this year. We’re also hoping to cash in on some ATI stock and buy some furniture. It’s been a big year for us! I don’t know where we’ll be by the time we get this, but we’d better be doing something great. God’s given us too much to sit around and do nothing with it.

Keep your heart and your mind focused on Him…

Your self,


From my Forbes E-Mail Time Capsule created in 2005.

3 thoughts on “From My E-mail Time Capsule

  1. You’ve come a long way, baby…
    This is really neat. I bet (and think you should) you send an update to yourself in another 5 years.

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