Jet Lag

So here’s the latter part of my week…

  • Wednesday morning I fly to San Francisco, arriving via Minneapolis at about 1pm local time.
  • As soon as I land I have to dial into a conference call, and find the BART to get to a meeting just outside of SF at 3pm.
  • From there I go straight to a dinner meeting back in SF, and then check into my hotel.
  • Thursday I have a pre-meeting and morning commute on the way back to SF and then a day full of meetings.
  • Following that, there’s a dinner event that goes until 8:30.
  • I’ll sneak out of that early to catch an 8:45 flight to Seattle, arriving around 11pm and checking into my hotel there.
  • Friday I’m scheduling an early morning lab on the main campus, followed by a day long meeting, of which I will attend less than half.
  • My flight from Seattle leaves at 12:50 and gets me into Toronto at 10:16pm local time. I won’t sleep well that night because of the time change!
  • I’ll be up at 6am (which will feel like 3am) on Saturday for Men’s Breakfast at the church, which I’ll sneak out of early to get to Seminary class for 9am.
  • Class goes until 5ish, at which point I’ll go home to see my family while they’re awake… before I pass out!

In there somewhere I’ll be doing my homework, writing a phone app, and very glad that Nicole is handling most of the house selling, kid managing effort!
All this, and I guarantee I’ll be bored again by the middle of next week Smile with tongue out

5 thoughts on “Jet Lag

  1. 1 Cor 16:12 “As touching [our] brother Apollos, I greatly desired him to come unto you with the brethren: but his will was not at all to come at this time; but he will come when he shall have convenient time”
    What a random verse to pick. I don’t think Jon is “unwilling” to do anything. In fact, I feel he does his human best at juggling priorities and maintaining balance in his life. If we are picking random verses as pieces of advice, how about 1 Cor 16:11 “Send him on his way with your blessing”
    Have a productive and safe trip Jon!

  2. Ha ha, thanks each of you ladies for your different kinds of concern.
    1.5 weeks of travel for every 3 weeks at home, where I spend all day every day with my family is a workable balance for us!

  3. NIV – “Now about our brother Apollos: I strongly urged him to go to you with the brothers. He WAS QUITE UNWILLING TO GO NOW, BUT HE WILL GO WHEN HE HAS THE OPPORTUNITY.” Meaning (at least to me) that it’s ok to say “no” if you’re too overloaded. Not random in Jon’s case.
    Interesting what different translations can bring to the same verse.

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