Business is Missions Retreat

Although I tried to scrounge up someone to come along with me, it looks like I’ll be alone when I hit North Carolina next month. I’ll be staying here:

The Cove is a Billy Graham training facility near Asheville, NC and it looks gorgeous. There’s no TV, no radio, no kids and no smoking. Just Christian business people learning how their giftedness can apply to missions around the world.
I managed to back the conference onto a business trip, so although the travel will be gruelling, I’m hoping I can learn a lot at this event.
On a related note, I messed up the flights for the portion of the trip I’m paying out of my own pocket and was looking at a $150 charge to fix it. Fortunately, Delta pulled my butt out of the fire, and rescued my travel for free. 70,000 miles with them apparently buys some consideration. They’ve certainly bought my loyalty.

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