Asia 2010 – Hong Kong

By plane, trane, bus, taxi, bicycle and ferry, we did Hong Kong. And it was pretty cool. But… and this might offend our travel buddy, Hong Kong was my least favorite stop. It could be because we were nearing the end of our trip, and starting to focus on going home, and the stuff we’ll be facing there. But I think it was because it was a big modern city, and honestly, there’s a high degree of similarity between all the big modern cities in the world.

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Still there was enough novel to keep us entertained for a couple days. We walked 400+ steps to the Temple of 10,000 Buddhas, we biked along the river-side, we climbed a mountain (sort of), ate a snack on a floating restaurant, and we shopped the street markets. Man do girls like to shop.
Our hotel was a treat, with a beautiful pool, attached to a massive mall, and right on the subway line. Unfortunately you couldn’t find free (or even cheap) Internet in that city if your life depended on it — a situation made worse by the fact that it was relatively ubiquitous in significantly less sophisticated cities we visited in Cambodia. So planning our days was a little more challenging than we would have liked. But we saw some neat spots, and had a good end to our trip, and a nice farewell to Tatum, who stays on for another week to enjoy some Hong Kong friendships she’s cultivated since 4th grade.
We’re on our way home, at a lay-over at Tokyo, Narita. We’re bed-bug-bitten, smelly, and tired, and a little bit nervous about transitioning back home. But we’re happy and content and blessed by what we’ve seen and done. God did some pretty cool stuff with our time in Asia, and I can’t wait until we can go back — with our own kids next time.
Until then, I’ve been reading a lot about Africa lately…

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