Asia 2010 – The Vacation Portion

With our young travel companion in Vietnam with some missionary friends from church, we opted to take a couple days off. This trip consumes most of my vacation days for the year, so its really our only chance to get away. Which is fine, 3 nights and 2 days on the beach is really the longest I can sit still anyway, and I wouldn’t trade what we saw in Cambodia for any amount of vacation.
And we’re not complaining. Our parents were nice enough to pay for our hotel stay, as our anniversary/birthday present, and I’m sure we never would have found a spot as nice as this without their world traveling experience. We’re on a little island of Malaysia called Langkawi — actually a cluster of islands, most of the hotels being on the biggest one.

Yesterday we rented a little motorcycle (although at a 110cc with an automatic transmission, I’d personally call it a scooter) and got lost exploring the island. In the afternoon we grabbed the camera and headed back out to the cable car, where we could see the whole island — until the thunderclouds rolled in. We were actually near the highest point, on a suspend bridge, when it blew in quite quickly, and we were up there swaying in the winds, surrounded by a cloud. It was pretty cool.
We resolved yesterday to have a technology free day, so save for the camera and the motorbike, we kept it pretty simple: no phones, no iPods, no internet, no TV — no clocks, even. We napped when we were tired, ate when we were hungry, and fell asleep when it was dark. It was a great day!

Today has rain on the forecast, so although its pretty nice by the beach at the moment, we’re not planning on traveling far. We have some journaling and some reading to catch up on, and no real strong urge to do anything but relax. Tomorrow we head back to the mainland to meet up with Tatum and my dad, before we all head to Hong Kong together.

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