A conversation with our local cable company

Rogers Cable Direct Mail: Did you know that, compared to how you’re watching TV now, you could be missing out on so much more for your family: a more reliable picture in extreme weather conditions, more programming choices and more flexibility to watch what you want whenever you’re ready.
Me: Um… I get my TV regardless of weather, I chose only the shows I want and don’t have to watch commercials. I can watch my shows any time I want, from any TV I want — and also from any smart phone. I can even bring my shows with me on my trips so I can watch them on a plane. And I pay a fraction of the cost of that “first three months for only $70/mo!” offer you keep trying to shove down my throat.
Your distribution mechanism is dying, and your business model is obsolete. You can join the telegraph, the 8 track tape and dead tree blogs in a rotting pile of archaic technology, you over-weight behemoth of a customer-abusing, monopoly-touting, dead-horse-flogging dinosaur!

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