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Easter weekend gave us some wonderful family time together, in some incredible weather. After being gone for most of 2 weeks, in another season of pretty heavy travel, it sure was good to just be still. Here’s some pictures, as promised, for those who only want to see our kids — not that I blame you. They are awful cute…

Abi is finally getting a little interested in the TV (as well as books!) Her favorite movie right now is the “Monster Show” which is Pixar’s Monsters, Inc.

The weather was so nice that we let the kids go for a swim in the hot tub with us. They loved it, and are both getting much more comfortable in the water. They can touch, even at the deepest part, so its a pretty non-threatening (and warm) way for them to stretch their sea-legs. Of course we turn the temperature down for them.

Ben (and daddy) needed a haircut, with this warm weather, so we finally (after 3 years) decided to take him in for a real (cheap) haircut. He did very well, after watching daddy go fo first.

After our haircut, which was in a nearby little town, we took a walk and had a picnic along the water front. The kids were so good that we all shared an ice cream cone after lunch.

This is Abi’s Easter outfit — sweater from Grandma and Grandpa in Malaysia.

We sent them on their first Easter Egg hunt… they didn’t really get it, and we had to do most of the hunting, but they looked awful cute wandering around with their little buckets, proudly carrying their chocolate-filled eggs.
Both kids are doing very well. Ben continues to potty train, with near 100% success on pee, but continued struggles with not wanting to poop. Abi was initially interested, and still occasionally makes it to the potty, but Ben’s poop drama seems to have scared her off for now. Ben’s pretty much communicating at an appropriate level now, while Abi is way ahead of where she should be. The funniest things come out of her mouth, in this tiny, still baby-like voice, and totally surprise you.
Ben and Abi have little friends in town this weekend. Ben is excited to have Kaeden over — a boy his own age who was born in Malaysia. Nana and Papa gave us a bunk bed for Christmas, the top bunk of which has been used as storage pretty much since we got it. I’m working on making it useable for a sleep-over on Saturday night. It has a big railing, but I won’t be surprised if Ben ends up on the floor at some point. Worse things have happened…

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