Asia Calling

Right now a couple good friends of ours from church are a part of a team in Cambodia. Peter and Sherri live in our little village, their daughter is in Nicole’s student small group, and she often babysits our kids. Brian is the dad of our two primary babysitters, and of the young lady who’s coming over to Asia with us in just over two months. When the they arrived in Phonm Penh, they moved into the hotel next door to my mom.
What are the odds that a little group from our church in Ontario, would end up having dinner with my mom, on the other side of the world?
The itinerary for our trip to Asia was going to include Beijing — we thought it would be pretty cool to see one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world (the Great Wall of China.) Instead we decided we’d better go to Cambodia. There’s just too many cool things happening there for us to miss it. This is a country that has been decimated, in no small part by Westerners, but God is at work in the darkness…
In the past 6 months I’ve flown over 51,000 miles. Sometimes I get tired. Airplane seats are not comfortable for those of us without much padding on our backsides. Airplane food is rarely worth eating — certainly not worth paying for. But I can’t imagine how I could possibly have been satisfied in my career before this. And the only thing now that could be more satisfying is if I could be one of the people who get to help carry the light.

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  1. You do carry the light, son, wherever you go: at work, in your church, on this blog, in your relationships. To be excellent at what you do and to let others know that what drives you and motivates you is your desire to please God is carrying the light. He doesn’t ask any more of us than that, no matter where we happen to be living at the time.

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