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This remains the most popular thing I’ve ever posted — despite the fact that its really nothing special. The meat of it is a little start-up script that contains no undiscoverable tricks. I don’t even use it any more!
Nonetheless, it’s in-demand, and I can’t find a hosting method that can keep up. So, here’s my solution:

  • The start-up movie is no longer available here — it probably shouldn’t have been posted here to begin with. If you find someone with a Patchsticked AppleTV, it’s trivial to SCP in and grab the start-up movie (discussed here.)
    You can also use any other movie you want, which you specify when you edit the script.
  • The screen saver never worked right on a normal Mac, but Scott Q has engineered a replacement. His link appears to be down, but get in touch with him and send him your thanks.
  • The script itself is still available here.
    Copy and Paste the script into the AppleScript editor, updating it to provide the path to where ever you want your start-up video, and save it as a run-only script. Add it as a Login item in your account, and you’re set.
  • The background image I made is awful (it was just a screen shot) and I’m sure someone’s made better, but I’ll keep that here if you want it. If you do this right, you should only see the wallpaper for a few seconds anyway, so if you make yourself an all black image, or find a nice Apple logo, you’ll be all set.

And honestly, that’s all that was released. Like I said, nothing magical. My Mac Mini worked fine as a Home Theater PC, but eventually I just went with an actual hacked AppleTV (which smoothly handles anything but MKV) because I wanted my Mac for other things. If you find any other great ideas, feel free to share them here!

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  1. PS: I apologize about the delay, to everyone who e-mailed to get this stuff! I got a new job in October and my life became a whirlwind of traveling and learning new things, and I just didn’t have time to keep up!
    I’ll try to be more responsive in the future!

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