No, they're not twins

It certainly has its challenges, but having our two kids so close together is pretty great. Abi has never known what it was like to not have Ben around, and Ben doesn’t remember what it was like to not have Abi around. If we split them up, they cry for each other. When Abi wakes up from her nap before Ben does, she’s excited to wake him up too.
Similarily,  putting them in the same room has had its challenges, but its been worth it. When they wake up in the morning, instead of wailing for one of us to come get them, they often play together quietly in Ben’s bed until Nic is ready to get them up. Of course, sometimes they play together when they should be napping together — you’d be amazed at how much of Ben’s bunk bed two toddlers can pull apart in 30 minutes!
Ben and Abi
The other day, our banker swung by with some paperwork for us to sign, and she said “It must be so nice to have twins!” She’s not the first person to make that mistake. Up close, its apparent that they’re different heights, but from a distance — or when they’re crammed into their double stroller — it’d be easy to be unsure. Abi’s vocabulary is advanced, and Ben’s remains a little behind. He can certainly put together more complicated sentences than her two-worders, but he rarely does it in front of strangers (and never on-demand) so they may seem to be about the same maturity that way.
Unfortunately, despite how much Ben loves her, Abi doesn’t count as his best friend. That title? Well, that’s reserved for his pretzels…

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