Up In The Air

– Airports that don’t have free WiFi suck. I can’t stand it when I join an “open” network only to find out that AT&T or TMobile want to charge me $9 for a day of Internet access. I’m only going to be in this airport for an hour, I don’t want to pay $9 to update my Facebook or write a blog entry… ya bunch of jerks. Ad supported WiFi would cover your costs without offending your customers.
– Airports that don’t have power outlets suck. I’m in Dallas Fort Worth right now, and each gate has clusters of leather chairs with two AC outlets, and two USB ports, for every four chairs. That’s classy.
– Ever since people started posting on Facebook about how they, or someone they know, have H1N1, I’m suddenly a germ-o-phobe. Every door knob is a disease laboratory, and every hand railing is crawling with Swine Flu germs. I know that its been hyped way out of proportion, but I really can’t afford to get sick right now. I have 4 more weeks of travel, and then I can relax. Until then I told Nic that she if or the kids get the Flu, I’m moving out until they’re better!
– Sitting in an exit row is good.
– Sitting in FRONT of an exit row is NOT good — the seats don’t recline. Not even an inch.
– Boeing airplanes have much better seats than Airbus airplanes.
– Not all Terminals are created equal. Some of them don’t have Starbucks in them!
– Time has lost almost all meaning to me. I’ve been changing time zones more frequently than my body can adjust, so I’ve just given up trying. Still 4am in the morning is freaking early, no matter what time zone you’re in — or are going to.
Update: I am in the OC. California in November is much nicer than Ontario in November 🙂

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  1. Actually, you are probably more likely to pick up a virus on a plane and take it home to your family. Maybe if you are really nice to them, they won’t kick you out if you come home sick!

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