New Job FAQ

Thanks to a long time reader, and friend from NY, I realised I forgot to address a couple common questions regarding this new job. You’d think I’d catch on quicker, but apparently I’m not that sharp:
– We won’t be moving to the States — not this time, anyway. The company currently has restrictions on relocation, which is fine with us, because we’re not ready for another international adventure just yet. I’ll continue to work from my home office most of the time, and travel to HQ and partner locations as appropriate.
– I’ll be reporting to, and working with a team in Washington State (west coast — not D.C!) I have no obligation to go into the office in Canada, but I already have some colleagues there who go to our church, so I’ll be looking forward to opportunities to get to know the more local professional community.
– Travel is supposed to be 3-4 days a month. Everyone I’ve talked to snorts and says “well, double that!” It doesn’t really matter to me. I’ll make my schedule, and I like to travel. I’ll still have the benefit of being home most of the time with my family, but Nic doesn’t really mind that I’ll be out of the house a bit more. Its tight quarters with all 4 of us here all the time, and the kids are old enough now that they have some more autonomy.
– No, I won’t be getting rid of my Macs or my AppleTV or our iPhones. I will carry a different phone for work, and it won’t be a change to use Windows on my laptop during the business day. I’m a fan of good technology, regardless of who makes it. The products I’ll be responsible for are good ones, and ones that I’ll have no trouble being proud of. And my Macs will continue to be good machines for creative expression, and family media management.
– I’m not going to be a programmer. This is a big change for me, and a big deal, but its difficult to articulate. This is a new career path, and its scary and exciting, and no, you can’t blame me if your Windows computer gets a virus! I’ll be working with partners using Server and Platform class products.
– No, I didn’t meet Bill G– or Steve B. I doubt I ever will.
– No, we won’t be hosting a Windows 7 Launch Party. But you should definitely get it.
This might also be a good time to point out that opinions expressed on this blog, the archives, and any comments or pages on this site are not necessarily the opinions of any employer, past or present. They are my own, or those of our readers, and should not reflect on any organization outside of our household.

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