Another Big Change

Recruit BadgeIt’s finally done. This morning I resigned my current job, of nearly 4 years, and have accepted an offer from probably the best known software company in the world. I won’t write out the name, because I don’t want to attract search engine attention, but the embedded image should give it away.
This has been a long process, fraught with difficult decisions and no small number of challenging conversations (not to mention no less than 6 interviews in one day!) but I’m glad of the outcome, and excited for this new adventure.
I journalled much of my thoughts along the way, and those posts are currently saved as drafts in my WordPress database. I may publish them, shortly, once they’ve been sanitized and polished for public consumption. Needless to say, I will miss the job I have now: I’ve worked with two great teams, under two very different managers — but both have been men of integrity and have earnestly encouraged and enabled me.
Nonetheless, its become apparent that I need to push myself and my career growth in new directions, and when this opportunity presented itself, I had to follow it up! This is not a developer role, but one called technical evangelism. Its completely new to me, but a lot of people have expressed confidence in my ability to do the job. I hope they’re right, and I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty pumped!
The next month or two or four will be very different for my family, as there will be more travel (mostly for me) and a lot of adjusting to all the changes. We may have to back out of some of our usual activities for awhile until we iron out the new routine, but we’ve been through bigger changes than this, so we’re not worried.
We’re off to New York this week/weekend, and I’ll be back in Washington State, just outside Seattle, fairly shortly afterward! This time I’ll get to post pictures!

4 thoughts on “Another Big Change

  1. Congrats! An old boyfriend of mine (about 35 years ago – but still in touch on occasion) is/has been at your new employer for many years now. Also in the Seattle area. He and his wife like it a lot (area and job) and I hope you do also. Once you’re settled in, I’ll let you know his name and if you see him, tell him I said Hi. Be ready for the rain. Lots of it out there. This doesn’t mean you’re all moving back to the states does it?

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