Getting a Security System

GE AllegroIts not really something we’ve thought a lot about, but we fell for one of those deals where we get the system for free, as long as we’re willing to put stickers on our window and if any neighbours ask, tell them about how great the service is. Of course, there’s a monthly cost, but its not that much, and we’re getting over $1000 in equipment for free.
The more I think about it, the more I’m really pleased with the idea. Our neighbourhood is pretty safe, but its also a little remote. With things changing in our life, the idea of knowing that the place can be secured with, or without us, being home, there’s a certain sense of confidence that comes with having this set up.
If I’m away, Nic can secure the house with the touch of a button, and we can both feel safer.
If we’re in the backyard (or in the hot tub) while the kids are sleeping, we can secure only the front doors, and never worry about someone getting in without us knowing.
As I said, its never been on our radar, and we don’t usually jump at sales offers that come to our front door, but with things changing in the next couple weeks, the timing seemed almost… divine.

One thought on “Getting a Security System

  1. …and you’ll (eventually) work out all the unintended alarms that come with having kids, pets, or just plain forgetfulness (when we first got ours, it had motion detectors inside and one of my sons – then 10 yrs old – spent the better part of a weekend mapping out a route inside the entire house that he could navigate sliding on his belly without tripping the detectors – a big lesson on not becoming TOO secure in your thinking just because you have one). It CAN give you a bit of peace-of-mind though.

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