Hurry up and wait

This week has been crazy. We’ve had full evenings every day of the week. This afternoon, I put Abi down for her nap with a bottle, and we had our Abi/Daddy time on the rocking chair, and it occurred to me that I couldn’t remember the last time we’d done that. For the past little while its either been a babysitter doing it, or poor Abi getting dumped in bed way past her bed time, having chugged her bottle in the car on the way home.
In other news, did you know that Abraham waited 24 years for God’s promise to him? He was 75 when God told him that his descendants would start a nation — at the time, he had no children at all. He was 99 when God fulfilled that promise and his wife got pregnant.
Of course, he obviously had some doubts along the way, and Ishmael was born, but still: 24 years of faith in God’s promise. I can barely muster the patience to wait 2-4 weeks for Him to reveal His plan for my life…

One thought on “Hurry up and wait

  1. I assure you that 25 years from now you will not remember a single one of those meetings, except to curse them for what a total waste of your time they were, and you will regret every moment you didn’t take with these young lives which will never be as open to your love and tenderness again.

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